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All over the world, aquatic systems are subject to human-mediated invasion of non-indigenous species at an increasing rate. It is recognized that a number of these alien species have become numerically dominant in invaded communities and have caused damage to environmental and commercial interests. will serve as a vehicle for increasing awareness about the problem of alien species especially in German waters and about the protection of biodiversity in general.

Main current objectives of include:

to raise the public's awareness of the alien species;

to provide qualified information on alien species in German waters to agencies, resource managers, decision-makers, researchers, and interested individuals;

to update the information on German aquatic alien species, their occurrence and spread, their vectors of introduction, impacts and management efforts;

to encourage the exchange of information on an European as well as global scale;

to help develop national programs in harmony with diverse international conventions and other instruments (e.g. 'European Strategy on Invasive Alien Species' and 'Convention on Biological Diversity').

The given information on aliens is - it's in the nature of it - not exhaustive and will be progressively completed.

Comments, corrections, or additions to are very appreciated and can be directed to Stefan Nehring, Koblenz.

You are welcome to join !

Crassostrea gigas - Photo: S. Nehring

The invasive Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas, imported for commercial production first in 1964 on the German North Sea coast, reproduced successfully during the last two decades and is about to transform intertidal mussel beds of the native blue mussel Mytilus edulis into oyster reefs.

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